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Situated just below the U.S. state of Arizona, lies the rugged, coastal state of Sonora, Mexico. Referred to by locals as “the Gem of Mexico,” Sonora has become one of the nation’s best kept secrets.

The rolling hills to its east boast some of the best cattle ranches in Mexico, while the rugged plains within its central region offer ideal growing conditions for various desert plants — including rare Agave Pacifica, used exclusively in making Sonora’s famous bacanora.

The pristine beaches along Sonora’s western coastline offer deep sea fishing, sailing, snorkeling and surfing. The northern region lures sportsmen, both nationally and internationally, to come hunt Coues Deer, Desert Mule Deer and its legendary Big Horn Sheep.

So, the secret seems to be getting out as more and more adventurers discover this gem of a state known as Sonora.

Rocky Point “Rocks!”

Los Martinez La Casa Del Bacanora LogoIt’s officially known as the coastal village of Puerto Peñasco (or Rocky Port in English). But to the residents and the many visitors who travel there each year, it’s known as “Rocky Point.” And being just a short, one hour drive from the U.S. border, Rocky Point has become a popular vacation destination for American tourists in search of a fabulous Mexican holiday. Dozens of picturesque resorts and condominiums line its sun-drenched beaches where guests can sail, surf, deep sea fish, scuba dive, or just simply relax in the sun. Then, in the evening, the glasses come out along with a bottle of bacanora’s finest — Sunora Bacanora. And the day is capped off with one of Rocky Point’s most exciting Cantinas – “Los Martinez’ Cantina” – La  Casa del Bacanora – where the locals enjoy the world famous Sunora Bacarita™.   ¡Salud!

The Mesmerizing Monumental Town of Alamos

At the southern tip of Sonora, a picturesque piece of Mexican history can be discovered with a visit to the city of Alamos. Although the city was built upon the great wealth created by its local silver mines, Alamos has managed not to succumb to large-scale commercialism and still manages to retain its old world charm. Its archetecture dates back to the seventeen and eighteen hundreds. Yet with the exception of scores of restoration sites, the look of the city remains virtually unchanged. History abounds all throughout Alamos with over 188 historical monument structures to visit, as well as the Museo Costumbrista de Sonora — one of the best historical museums in the state. The charm of Alamos is also reflected in the social atmosphere throughout the city. Festivals abound with vibrant music, art, and unique culinary flair. Visitors can join in or simply sit back, savor a glass of Sonora Bacanora, and get lost in the magic of Alamos.

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Bacanora, Mexico. Birthplace of a Legend.

Mexico Bacanora

In the heart of Sonora there is a sleepy little village that resembles scores of other sleepy little villages sprinkled throughout the state. But this one has become somewhat of a legend due to a very special distilled spirit which the original producers named after their little village more than 300 years ago. Bacanora. Handcrafted in small batches, and made from native agave Pacifica, bacanora was freely distilled for centuries all throughout Sonora. Then, in the early 1900s, Mexican prohibition banned the manufacturing and consumption of the spirit. But it didn’t stop the demand. So, similar to America’s backwoods moonshiners, local distillers began to secretly make bacanora in hidden stills, using primitive distilling equipment and production methods. Finally, after almost 100 years, the Sonoran goverment lifted the ban in 1992. Soon after, the Mexican government bestowed bacanora a decree of age and origin (NOM), giving the spirit the right to be sold all throughout Mexico and, more recently, in the United States.

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